The Unique Gift for Your Wife or Husband - A Perfect Day

  • How would you plan the perfect day for your partner?
  • How would they respond if you fulfilled their secret wish list?
  • What gift ideas and activities would be on the list?
  • How much fun would it be if you knew every detail ... ?
  For the answers read how it works

Use to set up and manage a tailored questionnaire under the guise of an internet competition. By viewing your partner's responses in the gift idea and activity categories that you choose, you will be able to arrange every detail of the special day.

"Wow, what a perfect day. And somehow I didn't guess that it could possibly be my husband behind such an elaborate plan. I will never forget the experience." S.R.S. Canada 

So much better than a regular gift for your wife or husband, your efforts involved in arranging the perfect day will be forever appreciated. Of course we make it easier for you with our cool use of the internet to give you the information you need.

Once you have your partner's choices for the perfect day you can set to work organizing their favorite music, food and wine, or whatever other categories you chose to ask them. Perhaps the responses will generate other ideas such as arranging some concert or theatre tickets.

How long will it be before they realize that their perfect day is being fulfilled? Have fun finding out!

You can search forever to find the perfect gift for your wife or husband, but what could be more memorable than a personalized perfect day.

Your partner's "competition" entry will give you all the information you need to fulfill an ideal list. To understand how it works please visit our how it works page.

We can also connect you with resources for arranging your ideas such as luxury spas, sporting venues, food and cocktail recipe sites, theatre tickets, sources for music downloads to compile that "perfect day" mix, and much more. Just contact us for specific information.